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The 6th EUSCG meeting took place 28 September 2018 in Brussels being hosted by ASTM International. One of the most important outcomes of the meeting was the approval of the 2nd edition of the RDP and the decision to complement the RDP with EASA standards needs to support Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA). As a consequence, the participating SDOs agreed to assess the EASA inputs and check if there is already something available and then to decide what are the gaps and who is filling those needs.

To fulfil one of its objectives to bridge the European activities to those at international level, EUSCG members have provided their inputs to the Standardization Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft Systems which is developed by the US counterpart - ANSI Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standardization Collaborative (UASSC). The sharing of information between these 2 initiatives will bring additional value to the UAS community by helping to avoid overlaps and streamline the available resources.

The next meeting of the EUSCG is planned for 13th December 2018 in Brussels.

The rolling development plan (RDP) provides an overview of current and planned standardisation and regulatory activities and will be progressively updated to reflect the current situation. It is also a method for the identification and discussion of overlaps, and a basis for feedback to contributing organisations, to improve overall coordination of standards developments. It has proven to be a very valuable tool in these respects.